SAFETY...holding, securing, trusting. I feel the powerful and gentle embrace of divine Spirit. Spirit releases itself and assures me all is well and good and Safe. Or maybe I no longer resist Safety. Safety that simply and naturally is. Tensions, worries, and thoughts of all kinds drift into oblivion when I sit with Safety.

Ahhhh...breathing and relaxing. I am curled in the center spiral of Safety. Drifting on the wings of the soft breeze or floating in the low-tide lapping waves. Breezes and waves. Greens and blues. Safety speaks to me of serene breezes and waves. 

My preferred way to view and relax into Safety is when the painting is hung horizontally. The source of Safety emanates from the top left and cascades along the edges, ending with the mini-spiral in the center. Basking within the central pure space of Safety allows me to feel the space within myself. Clean, clear, caressing…

Lisa L.


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