WOOHOO!...animate, activate, adventure-on. Enjoy the ride screeches this painting. Woohoo! is all about verbs. The doing in life. Pay attention to the passion within and follow it through. Especially when the thinking brain says otherwise. Woohoo! speaks to me saying, “Commit. Commit to the process of living your passion!” 

Riding the wave of Woohoo! passion is exhilarating. I feel the energy of the simple and bold lines flowing in my veins, in my being. It feels like a roller coaster. Wind in my face, arms raised to the sky, blood pumping. Woohoo! is fun! Plain and simple. Simple and safe. Enthusiasm oozing, harnessed, and shared. Woohoo! is contagious. Who can resist such joy?!

Life force pops with mingled fuschia, lime green, and cerulean blues in Woohoo! Unlike many of my other paintings, I feel the Woohoo!-ness regardless of which way the painting is turned. It’s all passion, movement, and joy. Love it!

Lisa L.


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