Pictured above, Lisa L. feels uplifted wearing the Empower design yoga leggings & scarf; a direct translation from the inspired painting - 

The Artist

I fell in love with this acrylic painting process over twenty years ago. Swirly, fluid, and an occasional patterned design flows through me and onto paper. Surrendering to this practice creates space for inspiration to flourish. It is my doorway toward a life filled with

spontaneity, joy, and passion

Sometimes spontaneity leads to a mess, joy may morph into sadness, and passion may shift to exhaustion. This painting practice teaches me to be fearless with what may, on the surface, look like chaos. Through fearlessness, all thoughts and feelings, and in particular those that are messy, have the potential of being transformed. For me that’s what all of life is about...transforming what feels messy into beauty

Beauty, unlimited in form, is ultimately a reflection of love.

This energy of love, birthed from spontaneity, joy, and passion, is embedded within each intuitive painting. The paintings are miraculously translated directly to my women's clothing collection of

scarves | kimonos | leggings | capris | dresses | skirts | shorts | crop tops | tank tops | headbands | small pouches.

When you embrace your body with transformative clothing, you may simultaneously elevate your spirit with the flowing power of love.

Enhancing your visual and wearable experience is the uplifting title and inspiring story accompanying each design. Like the paintings, the titles and stories simply unfold through me. In a given moment, I trust you will gravitate towards a title that will be a perfect uplifting mantra and a story that will be a perfect inspiring reflection for you.

With love, I offer you my creative spirit- visual, written, and wearable- with the desire to elevate yours. Enjoy!

Lisa L. Frechette

Listen to Lisa L read the  EMPOWER  Story; click button below -

Listen to Lisa L read the EMPOWER Story; click button below -