The Artist

I fell in love with this acrylic painting process over twenty years ago. Swirly, fluid, and an occasional patterned design naturally flows through me and onto paper. This practice of surrendering to the process creates space for inspiration to flourish. It is my doorway toward a life filled with spontaneity, joy, and passion. 

Sometimes spontaneity leads to a mess, joy may morph into sadness, and passion may shift to exhaustion. The painting process teaches me to be fearless with what may, on the surface, look like chaos. Through fearlessness, all thoughts and feelings, and in particular those that are messy, have the potential of being transformed. For me that’s what life is about...transforming what feels messy into beauty.

Embedded in each painting is energy, flow, and movement. Thus when you wear my designs translated from my paintings to:

scarves | dresses | leggings | capris | skirts | kimonos | shorts | crop tops | tank tops | headbands | small pouches

you are literally wrapping yourself with powerful life force. Enhancing this visual and wearable experience is the uplifting title and story accompanying each design. Both title and story naturally unfold through me once the painting is complete.

I offer you my creative spirit- visual, written, and wearable- with the desire to elevate yours. Enjoy!

Lisa L. Frechette