Pictured above, Lisa L. getting messy, the exterior of the studio, and posing on the outdoor walkway in the Odyssey leggings & scarf translated from the inspired painting .

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Welcoming me with an abundance of natural light, my L-shaped studio provides space to create, move, and expand my heart while painting, designing, writing, or contemplating. I am so pleased and grateful to be located in the old Florida setting in historic Towles Court Artist Colony with a plethora of old oaks, palms, bamboo, bromeliads, and scattering geckos.

I also have the distinct opportunity to share in the creative process with a variety of artists and healers. Hosting expressive arts workshops, yoga classes, local musicians, essential oil classes, didgeridoo, book signings, and so on only enriches the visionary environment evolving in the studio. See the updated events list at the bottom of this page.

Morphing from studio to gallery, this space is the perfect setting to display my paintings and inspiring stories alongside their transformation to clothing. My wearable art is just that - clothing transferred from my original paintings. The simplicity, versatility, and ease of this clothing line allows me to move through my day with one outfit - from yoga mat to meetings to dinner to beach walk.

Both in the gallery and through my online shop, I offer you stylish and comfortable clothing created from my intuitive paintings. Wrap your body temple in wearable art and elevate your spirit!

Lisa L.
Lisa L. Frechette

ps…My new website compliments my soon to be released book: Transforming to Joy; Responding to my Son’s Struggle With Addiction. Discover more at https://transformingtojoy.com


Lisa’s book

NOW AVAILABLE! Transforming to Joy; Responding to My Son’s Struggle With Addiction.


Kimono update

There are countless ways to tie Lisa L’s Draped Kimonos!

Upcoming Events


Please join me and other local women's businesses at this uplifting event in the serene environment of Ionie's Cafe and Retreat Center this Friday. I'm so pleased that a portion of all sales will support an organization working to end sex trafficking.
See you soon!
Lisa L. Frechette