Studio & Gallery

Welcoming me with an abundance of natural light, my L-shaped studio provides space to create, move, and widen my heart while painting, designing, writing, or contemplating. I am so pleased and grateful to be located in the old Florida setting in historic Towles Court Artist Colony with a plethora of old oaks, palms, bamboo, bromeliads, and scattering geckos.

I also have the distinct opportunity to share in the creative process with a variety of artists and healers. Hosting expressive arts workshops, yoga classes, local musicians, essential oil classes, didgeridoo, book signings, and so on only enriches the visionary environment evolving in the studio. See the updated events list at the bottom of this page.

Morphing from studio to gallery, this space is the perfect setting to display my paintings alongside their transformation to clothing. My wearable art is just that - clothing transferred from my original paintings. The simplicity, versatility, and ease of this clothing line allows me to move through my day with one outfit - from yoga mat to meetings to dinner to beach walk. Wear all day wearable art to elevate your spirit!

Lisa L.
Lisa L. Frechette


Friday February 16; 5-9pm - Towles Court Artist Colony Art Walk. Stroll along the brick walkway from the Towles Court courtyard to my gallery and enjoy the semi-tropical environment along with outdoor art. Inside the gallery, enjoy inspired, flowing wall art, wearable art, pottery, jewelry, and essential oils. Completing the artsy evening  is live original music in the gallery!

Sunday February 4; 3-5pm HEALING THROUGH ART + ASANA: GET ENERGIZED! with Yogi Lauren Beth Jacobs + Artist Lisa L. Frechette. Naturally increase your energy through experiencing visual art + practicing yoga techniques. If you are feeling sluggish or experiencing dips in energy, brain fog, or a more chronic form of fatigue, this workshop is for you. Two hours participating in this innovative hands-on class will awaken your mind and body, empower you to feel your best, and offer you the tools to continue a natural high at home. Included in the workshop:

Visual Art - Yoga Postures - Breathwork - Music + Sound - Visualization - Meditation - Essential Oils

Handouts, energizing snacks, and a small art keepsake included. Contact Lisa L at 941-313-2175 or for more information and to register.  Location: Lisa L Designs Studio; 1975 Morrill Street, 34236. $35.

The Heart Diaries: a Visual Journaling Class Series with Cathy Liott & Patrice Kennedy. This is a small support group that uses art and journaling as a means to reduce stress, release anger, resolve conflicts, and give voice to your soul. No art experience necessary. Dates and times pending. See more at or call cathy at 941-504-4325. Location: Lisa L Designs Studio; 1975 Morrill Street, 34236.