ODYSSEY…germinating, birthing, evolving. Pilgrimaging forward, inward, and upward. I am the earthy-ness of my Odyssey. At the same time I am celestial-ness. Odyssey invites me, beckons me beyond the limits of mind, time, and space.

Deeply resting in lyrical silence, I cocoon in the sweet darkness of Odyssey. Power builds. Eyes flutter open. I flutter open. I am lite... and light. I am merged with the endless, circular, pulsating energy of Odyssey. Strength, clarity, and centeredness reign.  

Odyssey reminds me that I can live in and out of time. It reminds me of the significance of imagination and dreams. It reminds me to release the idea of a destination. Odyssey reminds me to embrace the many forms of life.

Painted without my toolbox of painting supplies and out of my studio, Odyssey was created around an organic coffee filter! I placed it on a layer of acrylic paint and painted over it using primary colors. It is the round, dark, off-centered focal point. Forced not to paint off the paper was a challenge. I love Odyssey. It reminds me there are no limits to creativity. 

Lisa L.


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