MAYHEM...havoc, hope, harmony. Mayhem reminds me how far I have come on this journey of life. I cannot help smiling when I look at it. Inner suffering has found form in Mayhem. I am reminded of the beautiful lotus flower. It needs mud and muck to feed in before it blossoms. Mayhem reminds me that uncomfortable feelings can be channeled into a pretty cool painting. 

The floating hatch tags have an ethereal free feeling. I like how they are suspended. The brush strokes are short and stand out, making a statement. The hint of blue layering beneath the darker shades of paint adds a touch of light. 

While Mayhem may sound like a negative title, to me, it is the beauty of being authentic with discomfort and pain - in the moment - as it is occurring. Simply observing. Feeling it all. Mayhem is about finding joy in what seems like chaos.                                           

Lisa L.


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