GRATITUDE…bowing, bestowing, blessing. Opening within the heart lies the seed, lies the potential, lies the awakening awe of appreciation. The kindness of a friend, a spectacular sunset, the smile of a baby, or the purr of cat and we feel happy. We feel grateful. Naturally arising in beautiful moments Gratitude fills us with joy.

An unkind gesture, the grey rainy day, a screaming child, or the passing of a pet and we may feel unhappy. We feel Gratitude-less. Naturally arising in challenging moments Gratitude may be encouraged to grow. Opportunities to grow understanding, serenity, tolerance, and acceptance abound!

Striking magenta lift Gratitude’s untethered curving space and lines towards the heavens. Like the opening of a lovely lotus, this painting expands upward, boundless of constraints. This Gratitude invites me to truth, beauty, and freedom.

Lisa L.


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