GRACE...favored, gifted, blessed. Placed vertically, with the yellow paint stroke on the top right, my experience of Grace is fluid, continuous. Magical music of the angels flow into me, through me. I am crowded with heavenly beings. My breath softens, my mind stills. Grace elicits such deep feelings of protection, comfort, and serenity within me. I am Graced. Maybe I can even say...I Am...Grace. 

Placed horizontally, with the yellow paint stroke on the top left, my experience of Grace shifts. Here I am floating peacefully through the spirit world. Wings spread, gently frolicking with my cohorts upon and between the cloud-like puffs. I love it here!

Grace bears so many gifts. Yet in everyday life, I may forget about Grace. I may forget to look. I may forget to listen. Insidiously, Grace may also fill me. I Am, once again, in the gift. grateful.  

I love looking at and imagining with Grace!

Lisa L.


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