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Book & Pouch


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The Transforming to Joy; Responding to My Son’s Struggle With Addiction Book + your choice of the Adam’s Red design, Lotus on grey, or Lotus on white design Pouch.


Slammed with the overwhelmingly painful behaviors resulting from her son’s struggle with addiction changed Lisa - for the better.

Lisa’s inspirational memoir holds the reader spellbound as her lyrical cadence describes the gradual shift she made from reacting with fear to responding with love, initially with her son and later in all areas of life.

She hit bottom in 2009. The frustration and anger at her son for repeating destructive behaviors and at herself for not being able to control or cure him began to affect her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. She couldn’t go on the way she had been.

Transforming to Joy begins here, with the conscious choice Lisa made to change. She shares her compelling story about her relationship with her son Adam. Through this relationship, she learned to live a more aware, truthful, appreciative, and loving life - one that she mindfully shares with you. For more information click the link:

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So many uses! Art and versatility combine in this one Small Pouch. The white zippered Small Pouch can be used as a makeup bag, essential oil pouch, change purse, cell holder, and receipt or craft organizer. It will also keep you organized for travel. The fabric loop holds your keychain or charms.

Made with 100% polyester textured canvas, it will withstand everyday use while maintaining its shape. The Small Pouch measures 4" by 9".

Care instructions: Machine or hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry.  Do not bleach. Sweet and easy.

Your choice of the Adam’s Red design, Lotus on grey, or Lotus on white design Pouch.

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