FROLIC…footloose and fancy free! Turn the volume up. Kick your feet up. Whoop it up! Flowing in all directions Frolic is happy happy energy. Dynamic evolution deftly defines this uplifting burst of life.

Frolic’s fusion of vibrancy and flight invites you upwards towards the joy of communing with spirit. Welcoming you to all that is full of wonder, full of joy, full of cheer. Vibrations within Frolic beam connections to directly up-lift you to that happy place.

Delighting in motion, background shades of aqua, with a hint of fuschia, run vertically or horizontally, depending on how Frolic is placed. Curving, complimentary swirls top off the foreground, adding depth, dimension, and twists.

Maybe I should have named this painting Happy. That is how I feel looking at it. It feels like a happy fluid body in motion, maybe dancing. Full of wonder. Full of joy. Full of cheer.

Lisa L.


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