ETHEREAL … exquisite, intangible, divine. Floating through the mist of the secret garden, Ethereal suspends the viewer’s lense. Suspends the viewer’s sense of time and space. Suspends even the pulse of the heart. This soulful fairly-land conceives only beauty, light, and playfulness.

Radiating exquisitely gentle movements creates an otherworldly circular flow. A flow impossible to grasp, to hold on to, to possess. Ethereal sublimely nourishes the feminine within the divinity of the vortex. Within the gossamer halo of purity.

Release thoughts, feelings, and doubt as you enter the veils of Ethereal. Allow her refined rapturous wreathe to encircle your humble spirit with soft, subtle sweetness experienced only within the vapors beyond. Expand beyond consciousness within the grace of Ethereal.



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