Painting as a Spiritual Practice -

"In the state of love, no matter what you do, it’s going to be good." - Yogananda


Like a loving, powerful guru, painting teaches, guides, and uncovers my joy. It is my spiritual practice. It is a meditation, a prayer, a surrender to and an expression of the divine force of love. For over two decades it has accompanied me through the happiest of times and the most trying of times. I am compelled to paint. It’s what I love to do. Then one day nearly two years ago I wondered… 

I wonder if I can translate my painting Empower to a scarf ... 

              The EMPOWER painting & me -

              The EMPOWER painting & me -

And so it was done. Wearing my new Empower scarf around my neck, shoulders, or waist, I was struck by the energy radiating from it. I could feel the sensation, the force of love contained in the scarf’s design protecting, lifting, and empowering me. How unexpected! I was compelled to offer this positive energy, this love manifesting in clothing, into the world.


Empower: the scarf!

I still feel a sense of awe seeing or wearing this scarf -

My Life Journey Shifted Directions -

Now my painting designs are transformed to an entire women's line of clothing. Containing the flow of energy, it embraces the body and the soul of women of all ages and body types. It uplifts and supports women in reaching the highest version of themselves. Ultimately, it is clothing embedded with the force of love; the same force of love that is channeled through me when I paint.



Lovely ladies wearing my designs -

Flight fitted dress, Mayhem flare dress with matching scarf, Empower yoga leggings, Gratitude Blue flare dress, & Odyssey classic capris -

The Painting Process - 

Heart. Ritual. Intuition.


Creating paintings begins with an intention. It is the intention to let go. To let go of my mind, of preconceived ideas, of a plan, of any specific outcomes. It’s a release of worldly cares, worries, sorrow, and anxiety. I ask for grace. Often, like magic, the grace of spirit shifts my energy from my head to my heart.


Then I boil the water. Yes, I boil water because it is required for the special potion that I add to the paint. And I make a cup of tea. Setting up the tea, stirring the paint mixtures, and preparing the workspace is a ritual flowing with anticipation of the mystery to come, of the paintings to unfold.


I ask that my mind be cleared of unnecessary clutter. I ask to be a clean vessel to receive, to listen, to be inspired. While I paint I may listen of spiritual chants, Ted Talks, rock music or I may enjoy pure silence. Running the emotional gamut of light-filled joy to the darkness of anger, no two painting sessions are the same. I paint intuitively, trusting that the creative force of love is guiding me.

Snatum Kaur's music lifts me when I paint. Click on the link to listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bf3vpbA_s4


Uplifting Title & Inspiring Story -

Uplifting Title

Lying the dry painting on the floor, I walk around it. I turn it in each direction. I ask to be a pure channel to receive the perfect title for each painting. Like naming a new baby, each painting receives a title worthy of its magnificence. The title of each painting contains energy that is uplifting.

Inspiring Story

Continuing on its journey, the titled painting has more to share. Turning it this way and that, I eventually sink into it, merge with it. Feelings and words and phrases flow through me and onto the paper. It’s like the painting speaks its inspiring message to me and I simply write it down. 



Empower...This painting shouts out...do - not - settle! Go for the gusto. Live your dream. Carpe diem. You can do it! People love this image. We feel good looking at Empower. Empower reminds us of our potential. Of our ability to carry out that potential. Of the support available to Empower each moment.

The lines in Empower speak of strength and energy and light. Movement arises and flows with ease and certainty. It's simple. Just some lines swirling diagonally around in paint. Right?! Yes indeed, replies Empower. Its simplicity is honest and true. 

I love the earthiness of Empower. The shades of purple, orange, and hints of gold graciously allowing light to filter through. It's all good and feels good....Empower!



Elevating Your Spirit

I am excited to be on this creative journey sharing the energy of love with you. May a design title become the perfect uplifting mantra and a story become the perfect inspiring reflection for you. May you embrace your body with clothing to elevate your spirit. And may you radiate inherent love each and every day! 

Lisa L.