From Paintings to Women's Clothes

Opening my little art gallery in the historic Towles Court Artist Colony a few seasons ago, I was thrilled to be sharing my paintings in the community. Almost every visitor was immediately drawn to the painting titled Empower. Yet no-one purchased it. I raised the price. Then lowered the price. Still no takers.


But people love that painting! Why hasn't it sold? Hmmm... I did some research and figured out a way to get the Empower design on a silk scarf. When it finally arrived I felt let down. I wasn't used to it. It sat draped over the couch for a few days. Then I wore it...


... I could quite literally feel the energy, flow, and power within the silk scarf. Wrapping it around my neck, shoulders or waist felt like a true gift to myself. I was filled with life force; the same life force stirring me during the painting process.

Now, both visitors to my gallery and online shoppers are able to view my designs, the accompanying story, and the product line of elevating clothing. 

I bow in gratitude for the opportunity to offer my clothing line to you. I also bow in gratitude to all the gallery visitors who loved my Empower painting and chose not to purchase it!

Lisa L

Here I am in the Empower flare dress design -

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