More than a headband!

In addition to being worn on your head, this versatile and comfy Headband can be worn as a scarf, a face warmer, or as a mouth and nose protector at dusty festivals. It can be worn wide or folded. Perfect for working out, staying warm, or added as a pop of color. Pair with the matching dress, leggings, capris, athletic crop top, or shorts design for a coordinated appearance. The Headband also wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

Micro-knit fabric is UV resistant and fade proof. It is made from 85% eco-polyester - a process requiring significantly less energy and water during manufacturing - and 15% spandex.

Care instructions: Machine or hand wash in cold water. Tumble dry on regular or hang to dry. Do not bleach. The fabric dries quick. 

One size fits all!

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